Hard Skills

Explore my in-depth Hard Skills expertise further. Delve into my technical proficiency and specialized knowledge for a comprehensive understanding of my capabilities.

Digital Marketing

Experienced digital marketing professional with expertise in Social Media Marketing, SEM & PPC Marketing, SEO Optimization, Web Analytics, Funnels, Content Marketing, and Marketing Cloud Tools. Proficient in driving targeted traffic, optimizing conversions, and enhancing overall marketing performance.

Information Communication Technology ( ICT)

Experienced professional in Information Communication Technology (ICT) specializing in VoLTE, vCPE, Mobile Networks, Network Virtualization, SDN & Orchestration, MVNO, Big Data, IoT, Clouding, Optical Networks, PON, and FFTH. Proficient in designing, implementing, and optimizing cutting-edge technologies to enhance network performance, enable seamless connectivity, and drive digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation expert specializing in Business Transformation and Disruptive Innovation. Skilled in Cultural and People Management, driving change in Organizational Culture, optimizing Business Processes, and promoting Circular Economy principles for sustainable growth.

Wed Design and Development

Skilled web design and development professional proficient in Video and Graphic SaaS, Content Management System, Hosting CPanel, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, E-Learning, and E-Commerce. Experienced in creating visually appealing and functional websites with a strong focus on user experience and seamless navigation.


Entrepreneurship professional with expertise in Discovery, Risk-taking, CANVA Method, Business Creation, Value Proposition, Visionary and Leadership qualities. Open-minded strategist proficient in developing comprehensive Business Plans and Digital Strategies to drive innovation and achieve sustainable growth.